Mar. 2011

About Your Guide

Born and raised in the heart of Northern California, with outdoors in his blood, Spencer Reno has over 9 years experience in providing awesome outdoor adventures and having good times with both begginer and avid hunters. Hunting and fishing all the best spots around the Northern Sacramento Valley is what he does and has been doing since young ages. Hard-work and discipline have given your guide a great knowledge of how to be respectful and fair. You can be assured that when you hunt with Spencer Reno, your hunting with a man of character.


About The Hunting

All hunts are 100% fair chase. The hunt can be planned to meet all the needs of the hunter. We can walk 10 miles and make pushes through big brushy canyons; or sit in a tree stand or on a high ridge and wait for the animals; or drive around on atv or in the jeep. Whatever makes it most enjoyable for you and/or your party.

Larger than .25 caliber is suggested. Come with your guns sighted in or let your guide know prior to hunt that it needs to be and he’ll get you dialed.

All field dressing and skinning of animals is included in the hunt. If processing and shipping of meat is needed make arrangements with Reno prior to the hunt.

Safety First! Hunters are expected to know gun safety. If the guide does not feel safe hunting with you, the hunt will be over.

A standard disclaimer and liability waiver must be signed by all guests before the hunt begins.

A non-refundable deposit of half the price of the total trip is needed to book your hunt.

The best way to find out about the hunt is to give him a call @ (530)592-5587 or email him @


Transportation and Lodging

Transportation is available to and from the Sacramento International Airport if you make arrangements prior to hunt. Before the hunt your guide can pick you up at a hotel, or you can follow him to the site where hunt will take place where you can park your vehicle in a safe location.

Hunters will either stay in a motel room or make arrangements to bring a camp trailer or pitch a tent overnight in a nearby location. Ask for info on camping.