Deer Hunting

Spencer Reno has a passion for hunting trophy blacktail deer. His extensive knowledge of deer behavior and his access to trophy producing private lands that he has hunted since his youth has allowed for 100% success. Deer hunt methods are spot and stalk or still hunting from a high ridge or a tree stand in areas where the deer are known to be traveling, feeding, or bedding up. Deer hunts are limited depending upon the number of bucks that are being seen throughout the summer. Reno offers buck hunts for both rifle and archery. All hunts are in Zones C, G1, A1, and B.

Call for pricing and availability.



Wild Hog Hunts

Spencer Reno offers wild hog hunts, for both meat  pigs and trophy boars, on private land located about 10 miles outside of Red Bluff, California. Whether you want to hunt archery or rifle, your guide can close the distance on your target. The methods used for hog hunts are spot and stalk, out of the tree stand, or walking slowly through the brush and catching them in their beds. Reno makes the hunt work for the hunter, hunters of all abilities are welcome. In California the hog season is year round, pig tags are required which you are able to obtain over the counter at Wal-Mart, Big 5, Sportsman’s Warehouse, etc. Hunters are responsible for all their own gear (rifles, bows, binos). Your animal will be field dressed, skinned, and packed in your ice chest for you.

Turkey Hunting

Reno also offers semi-guided fall and spring turkey hunts. His calling is not the best, but his private land access is in prime turkey habitat. Turkey hunt dates are limited. Call or email for availability and more info.


Bass Fishing

The private ponds on the ranch make for some great largemouth bass fishing and are a great place to watch kids to catch thier first fish. The best chance for the big fish is in April or May when they are spawning but it’s nothing to go out with Reno on a summer day and catch over 50 bass. Non-stop fishing action is guaranteed! Anglers are responsible for all their own gear and tackle.